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How to configure debugging and logging for the Smack XMPP client api

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Debugging information for the Smack Open Source XMPP (Jabber) client api can be configured as follows. Make sure that the smackx-debug.jar resides inside the libs folder.

1. Show the debug information in a popup window.

Start your JVM (java) with the following option: 
java -Dsmack.debugEnabled=true Class.Name

2. Show the debug information on the console

Start the application and pass following 2 arguments to the JVM:

Beware that the ConsoleDebugger comes with a performance-penalty, because logging to the console is really slow.

3. Implement your own logger

You can also implement your own logger, by implementing the interface SmackDebugger. This interface can be passed as an argument via -Dsmack.debuggerClass.